WALB's Most Wanted: Flim Flam Scammers

On this edition of WALB's Most Wanted, Leesburg Police still need your help finding the flim flam scammers.

This is surveillance video of the two in action a Fred's in Leesburg. The two came in the store on March 29th and bought candy, worth two dollars, but made off with $350 bucks.

Police say the thief kept asking to change large bills in order to trick the woman at the cash register. They also believe the two confused a cashier at the Winn Dixie in Lee County the same night.  It's believed they took around $200 there.

These tricksters are pretty good at their crime, but surveillance cameras got some pretty good shots of them and you just might be able to identify them.

If you recognize this man or woman call the Leesburg Police Department or the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Tonight the flim flam scammers become two of WALB's Most Wanted.

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