ABAC breathes new life into 'Agrirama'

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - The Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village in Tifton has seen new life after new ownership.  A little over three years ago, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College took over the museum when state funding was cut.

Museum employees say that's increased foot traffic and ABAC can use the museum as a living laboratory for students, internships and various projects. One of the biggest projects completed at the museum is the sawmill, which is up and running.

It was stopped five years ago after the boiler was condemned by the insurance company.  Now a new boiler is running.   This past Saturday workers were able to saw wood for guests for the first time.

"We have costume interpreters there that tell the guests that come up about the saw mill, where it came from, what it was used for and the timber industry in Georgia. We'll incorporate that into ABAC as well," said Garrett Boone of the Georgia Museum of Agriculture.

In addition to educating museum-goers, workers will use the wood to repair the historic buildings on the museum grounds.  Employees also hope the sawmill will become an extra revenue stream for them by selling the wood.

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