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ASU military center has grand opening

Williams and Hardy at center Williams and Hardy at center

It's a big day for veteran students at ASU, this morning the university will reveal their first ever military outreach center.

ASU's military liaison Claven Williams tells me he is very excited to finally have a place for nontraditional students. He feels its important because it gives them the resources and tools to become a more successful student and be in a environment that allows them to be comfortable.

The center provides a computer lab where students can work and study, a lounge for them to relax, its also equipped with a kitchen, sort of a home away from home. And that's what they were striving for.

Doris Pierce-Hardy who is a vet, student and staff member at ASU says the transition is a lot easier when you have a place that allows you collect your thoughts and focus, and as a military person discipline is important.

 Members say they are proud to be able to give the people who served for our county a place where they too can be served.

Dr David Snow will be here to give a speech, it will be followed by a tour and lunch.Both Williams and Hardy say they look forward for today's event.

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