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Senior pranksters taught valuable lesson

District Attorney Joe Mulholland District Attorney Joe Mulholland

Some high school seniors who pulled a destructive prank several months ago find out their punishment. They could have gone to jail. The prosecutor didn't think that was the best course to take.  

Cairo High School students are getting prepared for graduation, but a group of their classmates came close to ruining their future plans.  

"You had some kids that made an awfully bad mistake, and legally and technically what they did qualified for a felony," said District Attorney Joe Mulholland.  

On December 20th, students broke into the school, placed tape on security cameras and committed multiple acts of vandalism.  They indicated it was a senior prank by using red paint to write "2014" on a floor and a window in the art room.

They caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. "In this case, I felt that allowing them to plead to a misdemeanor and go to college, and lead productive lives, was more important than putting a felony record on them for the rest of their life," said Mulholland.  

Now the pranksters didn't have to do any jail time but it does serve as a reminder, that if you break the law you could possibly do the time.   The students all pled guilty in a Grady County courtroom on Tuesday to one misdemeanor charge or criminal trespass.  

"They we're charged with burglary and interference with government property, which is a felony but I allowed them to agree to twelve months probation, and once they pay their fines and go off to college, hopefully, I'll never have to see them again,"  said Mulholland.  

The 13 individuals may not have been punished to fullest extent, but the message is clear; senior pranks are not a joking matter.


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