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Send money through Facebook?


Many of you share a lot of personal information on Facebook. But would you be comfortable using the site as a banking service to send money to family and friends!     

It could happen.  You log into facebook to chat with friends, but the social networking site could soon allow you to send them money. 

Southwest Georgia Technical college student Benjamin Cone says he's all for the idea.   "It's real convenient you could connect with anyone. Your grandma could send you money, your mom dad aunt and uncles, especially on like birthdays and stuff."  

Facebook is currently working on becoming an e-money provider overseas, and if all goes well the feature could become available here in the United States.   The new feature could make sending money on facebook as easy as sending a message or picking up your phone.  

Father Andre' Dismuke thinks it's a good idea and just the next reasonable step for the social networking giant.     "It's already with certain items you have to pay like candy crush to get to another level, so you're already paying for it anyway why not send money to family member or friend in need."  

But skeptics are worried about security and how the social networking giant would protecting people's money. 

Cone doesn't feel that it's unsafe  or that the social network is going too far.   "It's a good move, it's a good business move, I could see twitter doing it if facebook doesn't some other social network will."  

Facebook is close to getting approval for the new service in Ireland.  It's not clear when or if it could expand to this country.


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