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First signs, now Albany strains at parked cars

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Mayor Dorothy Hubbard Mayor Dorothy Hubbard
Paul Forgey, Albany-Dougherty Planning Director Paul Forgey, Albany-Dougherty Planning Director

Recently, the City of Albany made news with restrictions on business signs. Now, Albany leaders say the city has a problem with people parking cars on their front lawns.      

They say it's hurting the city's image, and they may give each neighborhood the right to crack down.

"It's been an ongoing issue that there are people who are bothered by neighborhoods who are bothered by people who park in their front lawns,"  said Paul Forgey, Albany-Dougherty Planning Director.  

Residents aren't the only ones concerned.   "It makes a lawn deteriorate and when the lawn deteriorates in the neighborhood, it makes the entire neighborhood look bad,"  said Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.   

A new proposal would give neighborhoods the right to ban front lawn parking if 60% of its residents agree. But the city defines a "neighborhood" as one block, raising questions about enforcement.   

"It's gonna be interesting to see how this comes out because you see that now, rather than having the neighborhood involved, you have to have a block,"   said Hubbard.       

Some residents who regularly park on their lawns declined to speak on camera, but said they should be able to park wherever they want on their own property.   "I think it's really just gonna be letting the neighborhood know they have this tool.  If they want to use it, they can," said Forgey.    

Someone still parking on their front lawns would be issued a warning if their neighborhood passed a ban. But the city could fine those who don't move after a warning.   

"The planning commission recommended $50 a day, but only up to $150. So the most someone would be fined would be $150," said Forgey.    

Leaders say the proposal would heavily rely on citizen participation to call in with complaints.   "I'm thinking, will that do what we want it to do?"  said Hubbard.   

Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the issue at their next meeting.


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