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Tuition goes up, up, up

Andra Powell Andra Powell
Brian Henderson Brian Henderson
Jessica Green Jessica Green

The Board of Regents voted to increase tuition for public colleges and universities yet again. The increase will be  9% at Georgia Tech and 7% at UGA.  Tuition has increased every year since at least 2002 at Georgia's state universities and colleges.

Students at most other schools will pay 2.5% more, and students at Albany State University are worried about that increase in tuition.  

"Right now, I'm already a struggling college student and I'm already taking out loans. Sooner or later I'm going to have to pay those back," said Jessica Green.  

 Green and other students at most schools in the University System of Georgia will once again see a 2.5% increase in their tuition next school year.  

"At some point it becomes a point of is it worth it, Is it worth going to college and spending the money" said Green.   Tuition has increased every year since 2002.

Student Brian Henderson says the increases need to stop.  "I feel like tuition don't need to be raised. It's good where it is, the reason why people go to ASU is because of the tuition," said  Henderson.    

Andra Powell says he pays close to $7,000 a year to attend Albany State. And paying more won't keep him from getting his degree.   "I like where I'm at right now in Albany because the tuition rate is low enough for me to go to school, but honestly is shouldn't happen," said Powell.   Students say the increase will forced more students to take out loans and find other ways to finance their education.    

"More people would apply for scholarships and which means people are going to be a lot smarter" said Henderson.  

The University Systems says the increases are needed to avoid major cuts that would hurt the quality of education at Georgia colleges and Universities.   The board also approved 30 mandatory student fee requests from various colleges in the system.




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