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Does Hwy. 82 West need another traffic light?

Steve Stokes Steve Stokes
Lee County Sheriff's Office Major Keith Houston Lee County Sheriff's Office Major Keith Houston

A Lee County man wants to warn you about a dangerous intersection on Highway 82.  His son was injured there last week, a year and a half after his daughter was killed nearby.     

Steve Stokes says it's time to use common sense and put a traffic light at Hickory Grove Road, to save lives.   His daughter Madison was killed near there in August 2012 when her car was hit by a big truck.

Thursday, his son Evan was injured when his truck was hit in that intersection.   "It's awful.  Big trucks, cars, everything. It's just a dangerous intersection. And we just hope somebody would listen to us," Stokes said.

Stokes says since the Oakland Library was built across U.S. 82, traffic has increased a lot. Stokes said "People are pulling in and out. Left and right. They are pulling out in the middle of the intersection. Trying to go left. You are going to go left."

"This ones at 70," Lee County Sheriff's Office Major Keith Houston said.

Speed is another danger issue. The speed limit there is 55 miles per hour, but Sheriff's officials are doing more traffic stops because many drivers are going 65 to 70 through the intersection.

 "I'm going to ask you if you would to be more cautious," Houston said. "Slow down, because we have had a lot of accidents at that intersection.  And be more aware."

The Lee County Sheriff's officials also would like to see a traffic light at Hickory Grove Road, but it's up to the state.  Stokes said he is speaking out about his family's grief to try to save lives.

 "If anything can be done to slow things down. To be pro-active. To stop things like this. It's the best thing we can do," Stokes said.

Stokes also hopes officials will keep the grass at that intersection cut and increase patrols to slow down speeders.           

Georgia Department of Transportation officials say they did a traffic study at that intersection last year, and found there was not enough traffic volume to warrant a traffic signal.  They said if more development is done in the area, they will take another look at the situation.


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