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VHS students reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving


Making sure prom night is a safe night. That was the goal of a demonstration at Valdosta High School Monday showing the potentially deadly effects of drinking and driving.
The simulated drunk driving crash at Valdosta High School was about as close to the real thing as possible. It included emergency crews rushing to the scene, a teenage drunk driver getting arrested after causing the crash, several severe injuries and a fatality.

"It shows us what could happen on a weekend like this. I know there's a lot of people probably planned on drinking, but it probably opened up their eyes," said Shamiyah Harris, a senior at VHS.

And that's exactly what the Students Against Destructive Decisions group at the High School hoped to accomplish today.

"If we can save one life, that's worth our effort here," Brian Law, a member of the school counseling department at VHS, commented.

Claire Kirkpatrick is a senior at V-H-S and volunteered to be one of the victims in the mock crash. "It's a new organization at the school and I wanted to help as much as I can get it off on a good start. And, I think it had a good message and it could really do good things for the school," said Kirkpatrick.

Not only does she believe that it is good for the school, but, like Shamiyah, she says the message this demonstration spreads is especially important with prom this weekend.

"This is especially important because kids our age can make stupid decisions...putting this together, having our students see their own peers in a situation like that, hopefully it puts it in perspective for them," Kirkpatrick pointed out.

After the mock crash, students sat through a presentation about the dangers of distracted driving. Dangers the school hopes today's demonstration will help students avoid by choosing not to drink and drive.

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