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TVs, guns and more stolen from home

Pamela Carrillo, Burglary Victim Pamela Carrillo, Burglary Victim

A Dougherty County Woman is hoping police can track down the thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics and guns from her home.  

Pamela Carillo hasn't slept much since her home off Liberty Expressway was broken into Friday evening. Carillo was out buying dinner for her family when she came home to discover several things missing.  

"I came back home with the supper and sat it on the table and looked up and saw my TV gone, looked over and I was like this is a joke," said Pamela Carrillo.  

She found her storage shed wide open and one of her dogs running loose. Carrillo says whoever stole her stuff came through this sliding glass door in the back of her house. She found her new 65 inch flat screen TV gone, plus her laptop.  

"I hope you broke your back on the way out of my house carrying my big TV. I hope it hurt your back," said Carrillo.  

Both the TVs in her son's and nephew's room were also stolen. The thieves also took her son's wallet, which had his drivers license and social security card inside. Three hunting rifles were also taken, as well as some fishing poles, and a bow and arrow.  

"And I was like please, please don't let my sons hunting guns be gone, and when I saw them gone I lost it," said Carrillo.  

The criminals also broke into her son's pick up and stole his stereo equipment. Carillo estimates there was about $5,000 worth of items stolen.  

"I don't know how somebody can come in my home and take stuff, I work hard for," said Carrillo.  

Whoever broke in left tire tracks in her front yard. Now, Carillo and her family are looking at ways to improve security. Carillo says she plans to press charges. The Dougherty County Police is investigating the case.

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