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High gas prices have South Georgians taking shorter trips


Gas prices are going up pretty much every day lately. It's more than just the typical pre-summer travel period increase.

When Jewell Stille retired, she couldn't wait to buy an RV. She and her husband bought it last year and love traveling, but she admits it's expensive to fill up right now.

"Yeah it is, its about 110 dollars on the fill up,"says her husband Chuck Cloninger

Right now they're staying at an RV park in Sumner, and working with her sister at the new Bossy Belles Cafe next door.  They've been living out of their RV for about three weeks.

"She knew that I didn't have an hourly job or anything right now and she says I need your help so I come to help her," says Jewell Stille.

They can travel about 400 miles on a tank of fuel, and say the cost plays a big part in how many trips they take.

"They will be planned. They won't just be on the spur of the moment because you have to plan the fuel and the mileage and this that and they other," says Cloninger.

Right now, Triple A says the national average for a gallon of unleaded is about six cents higher than it was last year, which makes a difference for those who have a far commute to work.

"Yes it does because I live in Sylvester and drive to work in Tifton so we burn through a good bit of gas each week so its costing me several dollars more each week than it was," says Darrell Powell.

Some folks say gas prices will determine how far they travel for summer vacation.

"We still take our vacation. Will just stay closer to home," says Powell.

The average price for a gallon of unleaded in Georgia is about $3.56, up from $3.43 a year ago.

Prices are higher than expected right now because turmoil in some oil-producing countries has reduced the amount of oil in the market.

But experts actually think summer prices will be down slightly from last year.

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