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Police need your help finding destructive crook


It happened again, police are looking for whoever stole a city truck from Thomasville and busted into a Brooks County store.

The wild crime happened at this same store less than two weeks ago, once again the crook was caught on camera at Johnson's Grocery store but he got away again.

The crook takes a truck used to transport large roll-off containers for the city and tries to rip off the doors of Johnson's Grocery store in Dixie about 2:30am Friday morning. The first attempt fails, but he tries again and the doors come flying off. He makes sure the coast is clear and breaks another glass to enter the store.

"This is the second incidence obviously and the suspect uses the same method of operations, same approach," said Lt. Wade Glover.

Just last week we showed you this video of a man trying to break into the store, the same way with a stolen Thomasville city truck. When that didn't work, he stole a John Deere tractor from across the street and rammed his way in.

"He's been caught on camera, it's a great video system, he even knows where the camera's are located," said Glover.

The gate to the property that holds the city of Thomasville's trucks is locked at night but investigators believe that the man has figured out a way to get onto the property and take the trucks and then he returns them once he's done.

Investigators are wondering why the man hasn't been caught, in the video you can clearly see people passing by as the crime is happening. Police just hope that someone will step forward before this crook pulls another destructive break-in.

"We're hoping that someone can see how he walks, how he talks and maybe identify him from that," said Glover.

In less than ten minutes, the crook did thousands of dollars worth of damage to the store and made off with candy, beer, and cigarettes but with your help he won't have the chance to try his scheme again.

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