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Pecan tree damage displaces family

Dewayne Fogarty, homeowner Dewayne Fogarty, homeowner
Justin Gunter, Friend/Neighbor Justin Gunter, Friend/Neighbor

Neighbors are trying to help a Lee County man and his two sons after a pecan tree fell during a storm and destroyed their home.  

This is what's left of Dewayne Fogarty's mobile home in Lee County after a large pecan tree fell during a storm Sunday and split his home in half.  Fogarty was sitting only inches from where it happened.  

"Took my coffee, walked in the living room and sat down and next thing I know here come the ceiling. I didn't even hear the tree fall," said Dewayne Fogarty.  

His friend and neighbor Justin Gunter saw it happen.  

"Before I knew it that tree fell and it kind of spinned into the house, and it kind of rolled back off. I'm pretty sure I was the only one that seen it," said Justin Gunter.  

Thankfully, Fogarty made it out safely by kicking out the front window of his home. The damage displaced him and his two sons who weren't home at the time. Part of the tree still remains in the home. Fogarty says he has no insurance.  He's temporarily staying with his mother but isn't sure what will happen when he has to leave there.  

"I don't know, I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything and figure out the next step," said Fogarty.  

Gunter is helping protect the items inside his home and is collecting scrap metal from the home to help raise money for the family.  

"He's just good people, he'll feed me if I want to. He's just there for me," said Gunter.  

"It's nice to know that people are out there that care enough about us to help," said Fogarty.

The mobile home park sits on a pecan grove and Fogarty and Gunter would like to see trees trimmed regularly to prevent this from happening again. You can help the Fogarty family by contacting Dewayne Fogarty at 229-815-9350.

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