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Campaign set to "shock" folks encouraging underage drinking


The Boys and Girls Club of Camilla is partnering with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities to spread a powerful message to the Thomasville area.

You've got to be 21 to buy alcohol legally and now, anyone attempting to buy alcohol in Thomas County will be reminded of the consequences of trying to buy alcohol illegally.

"We are implementing our sticker shock campaign, which focuses on adults that are 21 and older, who may come in with the intentions of purchasing alcohol for anyone underage," said campaign organizer Ossie Revels.

When a customer comes in to pick up a six pack, organizers are hoping that the warning sticker will help them to think twice before buying alcohol for minors. It's a statement that law enforcement and store managers like Jay Harvard feel comfortable standing behind.

"It can't hurt that's for sure and I think it will make them think twice about it, and make them aware that we're aware of that going on, any kind of deterrent like that is a good thing," said Harvard.

Young people joined community leaders in tacking the colorful stickers onto every pack of alcoholic beverages in more than 20 stores, but sticker shock isn't just geared towards teens. "Children start drinking as young as nine years old, the earlier they can learn the consequences, then hopefully they won't take part in underage drinking," said Revels.

If a bright sticker on your pack of alcohol isn't enough to shock you into the right state of mind, remember providing alcohol for a minor can lead to jail time and a hefty fine.

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