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GA schools recognize military children


9 year-old Kelsey Wetegrove is a third grade student at Lake Park Elementary School.

She's also the daughter of a Marine, stationed at the Marine Corps Logisitics Base in Albany.

That means she's already moved a lot in her life. Albany is the fifth city her family has lived in. Before that it was Massachusetts, Texas, California, and North Carolina.

She says she doesn't mind.

"I like going to different places and going to different schools," said Wetegrove.

The Lowder family is also on their 5th city. Ryan Lowder has been in the military for 13 years.

"It's fun because you get to move a lot but after you move the first couple of times you start to get use to it," said their son Ryan. "And it's fun seeing different things and different places."

His sister Nadia has her own thoughts.

"I think its cool," she said. "It's just that we have to move a lot. So it's kind of hard."

This month the Georgia Department of Education and superintendents across the state are honoring military families like the Wetegroves and Lowders, declaring April as the Month of the Military Child.

"Dr. David Mosely our superintendent asked me to make sure our community was aware of our appreciation for our military and all their families provide and sacrifice for our country," said school spokesman R.D. Harter.

To help these families adjust, the Dougherty County school system changed its policy last year, allowing the families pick their children's schools.

"The fact that Dougherty County opened up for military families to kind of pick where you want to put your kid, that was a huge help," said Leaither Lowder, who is Ryan and Nadia's mother. "There aren't words to say how grateful I know we are personally for that."

Naamah McCray, a seventh grader at Merry Acres Middle School, moved to Albany three months ago. "It's kind of hard at first, but then you just kind of get use to it."

Her parents let her pick the school she wanted to attend.  "It made me feel grown-up," said McCray.

 School leaders say they hope military families throughout the system know how grateful they are for their service to our country.


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