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Hazardous Water Conditions

Chief James Carswell, Albany Fire Chief Chief James Carswell, Albany Fire Chief

The water levels in localcreeks and rivers may be dropping but the danger still remains.

High water levels and fastmoving currents in rivers, lakes and creeks are making it dangerous to enjoySouth Georgia waters.

The Albany Fire Departmentsays areas on Lake Chehaw still have strong currents from the high water.

With the weather warming,more boaters are ready get out on the water this weekend.

The fire departmentreminds everyone to exercise caution if going out on the water this weekend.

"Obviously safetyfirst, obviously the conditions are a little bit different than normal becauseof the high water. The water will be moving faster so your boat will not reactthe same way it does on more calm water. If you're going to get out thisweekend be real careful by all means wear your safety vest," said AlbanyFire Chief James Carswell.

If you happen to get sweptaway by the strong currents,

Carswell insisted that youswim with the current and towards the shore.


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