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Business owner sees criminal from home computer

Don Dellinger has had more than his share of  crime Don Dellinger has had more than his share of crime

Don Dellinger owns ATTCO Transmissions, in the 700 block of West Broad Avenue, and he's had more than his share of hassles from people trying to steal his property from the shop.

Wednesday night before heading to bed, Dellinger checked out the surveillance system he installed at the business from his home computer.

That's when he saw a man smashing the windows of his customers' cars, looking for items to steal. He immediately called police, who arrived, and arrested Stevie Hanna, 33.  Officers got him for five counts of entering automobile, after he tried to run away.  

It appears that about $1,000 worth of damage was done to the cars. 

 Surveillance video from AATCO Transmission shop about11:45 Wednesday night showed Don Dellinger what was going on.

"I was going to bed, and decided to go check thecameras.  I have access on my homecomputer to check the cameras down here."

And what he saw was a man breaking into five cars insidehis business fence.  He called 911, andstayed on the line with the dispatcher as she called in the cops.

"Directed her of where this guy was. And I watchedhim parade up and down between the building and the cars."

As he watched from home, Dellinger saw the police arrive.

"There he goes. He's running and you can follow him up to here, where he hops over thefence." Police arrested Hanna after a shortchase.

"When I showed up there were officers all in thefront, all with smiles.  And one guy inthe back seat with a big frown."

"Well I'm grateful and thankful that they had camerasoutside to catch this individual. Otherwise he'd still be on the run doing other victims the same as hedid me," said Kendell Crawford, whose Jaguar was damaged.

Dellinger, his employees and wife all can access hissurveillance system on their computers and smart phones, and today he wasimproving it.

"Yea we are going to add some more. This guy exposeda few blind spots.  We're going to coverthem next," Dellinger said.

Dellinger installed his surveillance camera systemhimself, and says he recommends them to all business owners.



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