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Call 811 before starting outdoor projects

811 is a free service 811 is a free service
WG&L Communications Officer, Lori Farkas WG&L Communications Officer, Lori Farkas

April is part of National Safe Digging Month, a reminder for residents to call Georgia 811 before they start their yard projects. It comes down to safety and convenience, you never know laying underneath your yard so making that phone call will help you avoid the guesswork.

Georgia 811 is a free service provided to residents statewide, their mission is to aid homeowners and contractors with excavation. They assist with an array of projects from simple mailbox installations, fences and trees to full home decks and buildings.

 By law, if you are planning to dig using a machine, you must contact 811 at least two days in advance before any work can be done. Water Gas and Light Communications Officer, Lori Farkas encourages everyone to call.

 "I've done it at my house, we had cut the cable twice over the years, so its not fun because you're waiting till they have time to fit you in to repair it. Its just so much easier to call 811," Farkas said. 

She feels it's better to be prudent than to suffer the consequences.

"You don't want that bad mistake and invariably you're out in your yard, when, on the weekend," Farkas continues "You automatically are going to go several days without power or without TV or without your phone."

By calling Georgia 811 before you dig, it allows you to not only save time but possibly money as well.


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