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Lee Co. stepping up code enforcement violations


With warmer spring weather here, we're spending more time outside.

Lee County Code enforcers say that means people are leaving more trash behind.

Code enforcement officers say a person will only get one warning about trash in their yards before they get a citation.

Lee County code enforcement is once again cracking down on trash and littering in neighborhoods.

"They see problems, they see things that bother them that are in violations of their ordinances  and they call us and we get busy. So it's our time of year we try to a crackdown and let people know that we are serious," said Ben Roberts.

Code enforcement officer, Ben Roberts says this Lee County neighborhood is often a problem area. But today things seem to be under control.

"The Winding Way area. We get lots of complaints from this area. Trash cans be left in the roads all the time, trash on the right a way, tall grass.

We did find some violations, like this cooler left in a front yard.

"If I get a complaint about that or I see that violation, that's when I give them a notice. This has got to be removed, said Roberts.

Roberts says you need to remove your trash can from the street once it is emptied. Rolling it back to your home can save you from a citation.

"They have to go to court and up to a $1,000 fine, up to 60 days in jail or both," said Roberts.

This pile of debris is also a violation. Roberts says code enforcement is complaint driven. They'll check out problem areas that neighbors let them know about, and they hope people will be more mindful when setting trash outside.

A free trash day is offered at the Lee County landfill the last Saturday of each month to those who want to bring items not picked up on trash days.

The types of debris accepted is inert debris, which consists of limbs, leaves, pine straw or cones and trees. We will also accept white goods, which consist of appliances and metals. The maximum amount of disposal that will be allowed is 500 pounds of debris each month.

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