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Sexual abuse survivor raises voice for crime victims


Events are being held across the nation this week to bring attention to the rights of crime victims.

Brittney Gravbell is a sexual abuse survivor. On Tuesday, she stood unashamed to share her story at an event sponsored by Thomas County Family Connection. Gravbell credits the support she got from the court system.

"I probably wouldn't have been stable enough, I don't know, I probably would have committed suicide or something it could have been that bad," said Gravbell.

Knowing her rights as a victim, gave her power, power to overcome a situation that could have kept her down.

"I've moved on, I've got family now, I've got a little girl, I probably wouldn't have been able to move on if it weren't for them," said Gravbell.

The same attention is being given to the families of murder victims, or victims of domestic violence. The Thomas County sheriff's office makes it a priority to keep victims informed of any changes regarding the accused. Brittney says the support of her victim's advocate allowed her to move forward with life.

"It changed my life and I wouldn't wish it on anyone else, it's in the back of your head for the rest of your life, but you just have to keep it in the back, and move on," said Gravbell.

This year marks a milestone for crime victims rights. 30 years ago, Congress passed the Victims of Crime Act. Supporters say it restored the balance of justice and outlined rights crime victims like Brittney have taken advantage of.

"You feel like why me? But after I got through and met Gwen and Catherine it really didn't matter that it was me," said Gravbell.

This week also celebrates advocacy groups that make sure victims are protected, informed, at that justice is upheld.

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