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Flooded yards threaten homes


This was the scene Mondayafternoon along Moultrie Road near the Worth County line. People who live heresay it did not take long for the water to rise to dangerous levels.

"I come out and thewater was all the way up to my shins. Where I parked my car and it was parkedin front of the steps of that trailer and I said oh shoot it's comin. So Imoved my car to the backyard and I moved my other car to the backyard,"said Debra Brock, homeowner.

Some residents consideredevacuating their homes for the night, but instead, they are going to wait itout.

"We've got a survivalkit and we all know how to swim in case my buddy needs his boat back. Ithappened here a couple of months ago and did the same thing, but it wasn'tquite as bad and it wasn't dried from then," said David Howe, resident.

Homeowners say this kindof flooding is a recurring problem, and they want something done about it.

"They could blockboth ends of this road off with their trucks and pump it into the empty fieldover there. With a very deep ditch, but no, I got about a foot before it goesin and ruins my home," said Misty Trent, homeowner.

"I've been fightingwith Dougherty County to get them out here to fix this for the first nineyears, and they said they would keep that drain down there clear and we won'thave this problem. I've been here and I haven't seen it clean, but onetime," said Brock.

County Public worksdirector Larry Cook says there's really nothing the county can do.  He says there's nowhere to pump the waterwhen heavy rain overwhelms a drainage canal under Moultrie Road. That's a statehighway, so the DOT would have to handle any improvements to the road.

After widespread floodingin 2009, Dougherty County identified 48 areas where improvements were needed toalleviate flooding.

Larry Cook says about75-percent of that work has been finished and the rest should be completewithin two years.


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