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Thomasville businesses boost security after burglaries


Two downtown Thomasville business are upgrading security after they say burglars targeted them.

Police say the two businesses, Relics and Paulies Pizza, stand side by side in downtown Thomasville. They were both broken into last week.

"Our back door is very secluded, so to speak, so it's easy to be invisible at my back door," said Relic's owner Melissa Rigsby.

That will now change after crooks broke into Relics and Paulies Pizza. The crooks entered Paulies from an alleyway that led to the basement of the business. After stealing hundreds of dollars, the crooks went next door and pried Plexiglas from a door frame to get in. Officials said no cash was taken from Relics.

Rigsby said the break-in is an invasion of her privacy, it's unsettling, and she won't stand for it.

"From now on we will have more lights on and now we will have an actual security camera," she said.

Police are still investigating and the crooks could very well still be out there, but these business owners say if the crooks are in search of cash, they may be out of luck because most people prefer to pay with card at their establishments.

Officers are on the lookout for any suspicious activity near businesses especially during after hours.

"We don't have a whole lot of downtown burglaries but officers do patrol the downtown area and businesses very frequently," said Lt. Eric Hampton with Thomasville Police.

If you have any information about the burglaries, call Thomasville police.

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