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Remerton DUI offenders not getting off easy

William Whitesell William Whitesell

The solicitor for the city of Remerton says people who receive DUIs in the city are not getting away with the offense.
A concerned citizen felt that DUI offenders were getting away with driving drunk by being allowed to plead their DUI down to disorderly conduct.

The solicitor said by doing that, the offenders actually get a harsher punishment than if they were to simply receive punishment for a DUI charge.
"In Remerton, we give you an ignition interlock device that lasts for the amount of time that your license is restricted to work and school," William Whitesell, Remerton City Solicitor, explained. "That's our philosophy. Let's protect the public as well as break this habit of drinking and driving."

If the offender chooses to accept punishment for the DUI instead of pleading it down to disorderly conduct, their license would be suspended but Whitesell said they could get a temporary license almost immediately after having their license suspended.

According to Whitesell, this allows the offender to potentially drive drunk again, whereas having an ignition interlock system is much more effective in preventing DUI offenders from driving drunk again. 
Even by pleading down to disorderly conduct though, Remerton DUI offenders still face al other punishments associated with a DUI charge, including 12 months probation, being required to complete a course about the dangers of drinking and driving, and performing community service.

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