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Officials: 'Turn around, don't drown' on flooded streets

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Heavy rain flooded Albany streets and stranded several drivers Monday afternoon.

One man had to walk through high water after his car couldn't make it through the water on South Davis Street in Albany.

He's one of several who unsuccessfully tried to drive through flooded streets. Fortunately, all of those drivers were able to get out safely.

Police remind all drivers not to take chances when they see a street covered with water.

"You will have one car almost make it through and then of line of cars think they can make it through. This creates a chain reaction," said Cpl. Brian Covington with Albany Police. "What we want is for no one to try to make it through. Simply go around and try to find an alternate route."

Albany Police say all the streets closed today are now open again.

With rain continuing to fall, they do caution all drivers to be alert in case streets flood again.

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