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Public Works monitors water levels after severe storms


Albany Public Works officials spent an entire day working to keep the heavy rainfall from flowing into homes and streets.

Public works had several pumps running all day to lower water in holding ponds Monday

This one is in the Corvette holding pond at Old Dawson and West Alberson.

Officials also had street sweepers and other employees cleaning drainage system grates so water could flow out evenly.

Officials said most of the holding pond levels were okay, considering Sunday's heavy rains.

"We're fortunate that we've had about 18 hours of a respite between the time we had the last rain and what we've go now," said Public Works Director Phil Roberson. "So the system has been able to drain down a lot overnight. So we are in a lot better shape than if we had this rain carry over after midnight last night."

Public Works officials say they are concerned by the amount of litter and trash pushed into holding ponds and pump stations by Sunday's heavy rains, but note that they did anticipate problems from the trash.

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