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Mosely named Dougherty superintendent

Dr. David Mosely Dr. David Mosely
Rev. James Bush Rev. James Bush
Dr. Samuel DePaul Dr. Samuel DePaul


Dougherty County school board members are now ready to negotiate a new contract with Dr. David Mosely after voting to hire the interim superintendent for the permanent job. But Monday's decision wasn't unanimous.   

In a 5 to 2 vote, Dougherty County school board members made interim superintendent, Dr. David Mosely the permanent one.

"I understand why, but the die had been cast and a 7-0 would have looked better I think. But it is what it is and we'll move forward," said Mosely.  

Velvet Riggins and Reverend James Bush were opposed. 

"I appreciate the work that you've done. It has nothing to do with the work that you've done," said Riggins. 

Both said they wanted to decide on a salary before they moved forward. "My substitute motion was to have a salary set before I vote on anything. To know how much money ultimately he will be making," said Bush.

Mosely makes more than $150,000 in retirement pay and was also making a full time salary of $175,000, but in October the Georgia Teacher Retirement System made the school system cut that in half.

"We've battered around some figures. In fact I'd prefer to stay the 49 percent if the state department would allow us to do that. Which would save the district a good bit of money and allow me to make what I need to do the job," said Mosely.  

Board members will eventually vote on a contract, including his salary.

"I don't think we can put a price tag on fixing this school system, whether it's an extra 50, 60, 100 thousand dollars, whatever it happens to be. My question to the community is it not worth a few thousand dollars to fix your school system," said Carol Tharin, the school board chairperson.

"I'm concerned about the salary. But at this given time it was important that we select the superintendent," said Darrel Ealum, school board member.

Right now, they're relieved and eager to move forward. 

"I've been excited about working with him over the last year and I truly believe that he is going to be the leader that's going to continue to take this system forward," said Ealum.

"I've seen it step one, we're all done with the damage control. Step two is to continue to improve and step three is to shoot for the moon. And that's what I intend to do," said Mosely.

Mosely says he will most likely ask for a three year contract.

In March the board narrowed down their choices to interim superintendent Dr. David Mosley and current Colquitt County superintendent Dr. Samuel DePaul.  DePaul withdrew his application Sunday.  

Mosely took over in January of last year after former superintendent Dr. Joshua Murfree was released from his contract in a mutual agreement with the board.

The Dougherty County School Board has voted to name Dr. David Mosely as new school Superintendent.

The vote was 5-2 Monday morning with Rev. James Bush and Velvet Riggins voting no.

Dr. Mosely has been the interim DCSS superintendent since January of 2013.

He and Colquitt County School Superintendent Dr. Samuel DePaul were the two finalists.

Dr. DePaul, however, withdrew his application over the weekend.

As Superintendent, Dr. Mosely replaces Dr. Joshua Murfree, who was released from his contract in a mutual agreement with the board in December of 2012.


Spokesperson R.D. Harter issued this release later Monday morning:

The Dougherty County Board of Education voted to elect Dr. David C. Mosely permanent superintendent at a called board meeting this morning, Monday, April 7. Dr. Mosely has served as interim superintendent since January, 2013, and the action culminates a search that began in November. The 5-2 vote moves the board into contract negation with Dr. Mosely whose current contract was due to expire in June.


Among the progress attained by the system under Dr. Mosely's leadership:


Earned a new level of trust and respect from the State Department of Education by opening operational transparency and communication through cooperation and collaborative oversight.

Calmed the work climate, established steady foundation of leadership, and improved morale throughout system with stability, candor, and honesty from superintendent's office throughout system.

Regained community trust, respect, and credibility of the Board of Education and the community they represent by working together with good communication about needed changes and recommendations for improvement.

Made tough calls with personnel that is the beginning of a new framework of leadership based on no-nonsense management with accountability, goal setting, and high performance expectations.

Saved $8 million in Title I funding and $6 million in Race-To-The-Top allocations by putting people and management practices in place to remove the cease and desist order.

Made the tough call to close Saturday School which saved the system $120,000 in general funds.

Restructured transportation department resulting in a half million dollars in savings.

Improved efficiency and administrative authority of police department by deploying a team of law enforcement experts to provide professional assessment.

Returned superintendent's office to its' credible place in the community making it more visible and accessible to all stakeholders. Communicating system direction and improvements through media on a deliberate, weekly basis.

Moving forward with more than $35 million in construction and renovation projects at Dougherty Comprehensive and Monroe Comprehensive High Schools. Both of these facilities were in great need of upgrades to the physical plants and the new schools will give students a renewed sense of pride in their high schools and a better learning environment.

Saved $300,000 with the elimination of 7 days from the 12-month calendar from 247 to 240 work days.

Helped guide the implementation of a number of strategies to improve instructional program such as K-3 early intervention (EIP) strategy, grade level reading performance by and beyond grade three, elementary ISS program, one-to-one instructional technology, goal setting for school administrators, focus walks with teachers and continuing implementation of state standards.

For upper grades, implemented new collaboration with Albany Technical College, CCPLC, for dropout reduction and graduation improvement. Working to form similar collaborations with the same goal through all other community institutions of higher learning.

Support our best teachers – those who can make Dougherty County a system that the whole state points to as a model of success. I began a new recognition program that has begun to highlight the work of our highest performing teachers. The job of teaching is difficult and the best should be recognized for their effort.

Oversaw the improvement of financial procedures which have resulted in the best audit this system has had in many years.

Reduced staff furlough days based on good financial decisions, chief among which was the most difficult decision to close three schools and reallocate millions of dollars to classrooms in a more efficient manner.

Helped lead our board to becoming a more cohesive and visionary, goal-oriented group improving the board's image in the community.


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