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Turner Job Corps basketball program continues championship ways


People in south Georgia may not have heard of one of the area's best basketball teams.

Turner Job Corps' goal is to help young people develop skills to find a job, but they also boast one of the best basketball programs in the job corps ranks.

The Wildcats are 8-0 so far this season, and are again consider contenders for the national championship.

This is a program that has won eight Job Corps National Titles between the men's and women's teams.

But it's not just about basketball and championships.

The Wildcats say there is more about the life skills these players acquire while at Turner, and basketball is just another way of teaching.

"In the end, it's not really about winning in the sport," says coach Korrey Hammond. "It's about winning in life, and that's what we encourage them to do."

"You have to do what you have to do if you want to play," says guard/forward Kevin Dingle. "Everybody here wants to play ball, so it motivates you to do good and push."

But this is still a program that likes to win, and they've done plenty of it.

While many in south Georgia may not know about the Wildcats' program, others in the job corps ranks are well aware of who they are.

"We're called the center of champions for a reason," laughs Hammond. "It all started in 1998 with the national championship for the girls and Coach Lassiter, then Coach Holmes, myself, and now Coach Hicks, and just kept on continuing on."

The Wildcats will host a tournament coming up in April. This weekend, they travel to Brunswick.

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