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Woman accused in Smith Co. arson spree after custody dispute

Micca Holder (Photo from Smith Co. Sheriff's Office) Micca Holder (Photo from Smith Co. Sheriff's Office)

Police say a woman accused of setting fire to three houses in a matter of hours was determined to get revenge after a bitter custody battle spiraled out of control.

"She had tried last summer to get full custody of the 9-year-old, and she even threatened the judge," Holder's grandfather, Jackie Oldham said.

Just before 6 a.m. Thursday, investigators say Micca Holder, armed with lighter fluid and matches, set fire to three properties in three different communities.

Her targets, police said, were relatives involved in varying degrees in her custody dispute.

Police said she also told the general sessions judge she faced that if she knew his address, she would pay him a visit, too.

"She wanted to do major destruction. There is no doubt in my mind," said Smith County Sheriff Steve Hopper.

Police say Holder started at a home in Carthage, where she set two cars on fire while five people where inside the home.

She then went to her grandfather's house in Dixon Springs and ignited his truck in the carport.

"Two of my good friends came by when the fire started and hooked my truck and pulled it out from under the carport. That's all that saved the house," said Holder's grandfather, Jackie Oldham. "It broke my heart. It just broke my heart to think that was my own granddaughter."

Holder's third stop, police say, was at Walmart to purchase a can of gas before heading to her child's father's house in Defeated, TN, where she set fire to the porch while the family and one of her children slept inside.

Before investigators could piece it all together, Holder walked into the sheriff's office and said, "I'm the one you're looking for."

She is now charged with arson and attempted homicide. Authorities say they plan to file more charges early next week.

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