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Drug dogs declare war

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Warwick Police are cracking down on people traveling through their town with drugs. They arrested two more people Thursday with a small amount of marijuana.

Meet Bella and Pyka. Two members of the Warwick Police Department's drug team who have been crucial in helping officers crack down on drugs being brought into their city.

"32.5 grams of marijuana that was found on this case," said Lieutenant John Mucci. "Because of their continued training and because of their progression themselves, along with the handlers, they've both been essential in our detection of narcotics and trafficking that's coming through this town."

The number of drug arrests is up. "The last couple of months we've had quite a few. We've actually made approximately 12 to 15 drug-related arrests and seized approximately $15,000 just within the last two months," Mucci said.

He believes the offenders try to bypass larger cities by going through small towns, like Warwick.

"Warwick is kind of the field oasis, a small town that's still friendly, still warm, still welcoming. But you do have that 300, we do get a lot of trafficking from Florida, Alabama. We arrested four last month from New Jersey," Mucci said.

And with help from Bella and Pyka officials are hoping to send a message to criminals that they will be caught.


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