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Police investigate Cordele restaurant break-ins

Captain D's Captain D's
Little Caesar's broken window Little Caesar's broken window

A young suspect is charged in a couple of overnight burglaries atCordele restaurants.

Police are searchingfor an accomplice.

Burglars broke into two fast food restaurants on the same side oftown. Police say the suspects got into both businesses the same way.

The first of two Cordele restaurant burglaries happened rightafter midnight Friday at Captain D's.

"There was a burglary at Captain D's at 1710 East 16thAvenue. The suspects entered in through the drive-thru window and exited thesame way," said Linda Prichett, Cordele Police Department.

Police believe the same burglars broke into Little Caesar's a fewblocks away about 20 minutes later.

The store owner says the suspects got inside by shattering theglass on the drive thru window. That set off the alarm.

Cordele police say witnesses saw two people around the businessand called 911.

"Officers responded very quickly after a short foot chase onesuspect was apprehended and arrested near the scene," said Prichett.

That suspect is just 16 years old. Police are working to identifythe second suspect who got away.

The teen that was caught is facing multiple charges.

"Smash and grab burglary, wearing a mask to disguise youridentity, obstructing law enforcement officers, possession of tools of a crimeand unruly child," said Prichett.

And more charges could be filed. Police say this is the secondburglary at Captain D's this year. Investigators would not release the surveillance video of the burglariesFriday.

Investigatorssay its possible more than two people were part of the crimes.

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