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How can Vets with mental issues be helped?

Post Adjutant Don Norman Post Adjutant Don Norman
Vietnam Vet Nick Nicholson Vietnam Vet Nick Nicholson

Doctors in Texas say they're treating nine of the patients injured in Wednesday's deadly shooting at fort hood Texas.

Authorities say army specialist Ivan Lopez opened fire in two fort hood buildings killing three people and wounding 16 others before taking his own life.  

Authorities say that soldier was being treated for mental illness. Psychologists and veterans both say each person has their own breaking point or trigger, and that veterans returning from war could have mental issues. 

And they say tragedies like Fort Hood show why we have to be more aware to help them. American Legion Post 30 officials say they meet veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or mental issues on a regular basis.

Post Adjutant Don Norman said "If a guy comes in here and he needs help, we give him help.  That's what we're here for."

A veteran of combat in Vietnam, Post 30's Nick Nicholson said he knows many troops will return from Afghanistan and Iraq with mental issues, and he worries that violent issues like the one in Fort Hood Wednesday could happen again.

"You know we don't know what devils everybody is dancing with.  Sometime it just gets out of hand.  They get to the point where they think nobody cares. Or they have problems at home," Nicholson said.

A senior officer at Fort Hood says Ivan Lopez had sought help for depression and other problems, and was being evaluated to determine whether he had post-traumatic stress disorder.    

The American Legion Post 30 officials say some Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are joining their post, but not as many as they want.  They say most Middle East war veterans so far have not joined.

The Albany Marine Corps Base officials say that they are, of course, watching the Fort Hood shooting reports, so far they have not increased or updated their security because of the events at the Texas base.


In their statement, MCLB officials said:

"At this time, we have not been directed by higher headquarters to change our security posture, but we are prepared to do that if directed. At any time however, the base commanding officer, with advice from his police chief can also direct that we adjust our security posture based on local threat assessments to the installation."


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