Viewpoint: New Storm Water Fee

Property owners in Albany are about to start paying a new storm water fee to pay for mandated upgrades to the drainage system. City leaders designed the fee structure so that everyone would pay their fair share, but now Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is asking for a break.

Homeowners will pay a flat fee. Other properties will pay based on the size of their buildings and the strain they put on the system. No one is supposed to be exempt, but Phoebe leaders say their main campus should be since they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars nine years ago to improve drainage in that area.

We appreciate that investment, but it wasn't a gift to the city. Phoebe got the benefit of those improvements, and now Phoebe should pay its fair share like the rest of us. If the hospital gets an exemption, who's next. We hope city leaders deny their request.

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