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Residents fight proposal for new apartment complex

Resident George Crump says other locations need to be considered. Resident George Crump says other locations need to be considered.

The city of Lake Park is considering rezoning a piece of land so an apartment complex can be built on it, but people who live nearby are fighting it.

"It could be the nicest of the nicest developments, but it just don't belong there for a hundred different reasons," said George Crump.

That's how Crump feels about the apartment complex proposed to be built about a block and a half away from his home.

"There are other locations right here that can be considered. And, with these peoples' approval, build it there, don't build it where they're proposing."

The attorney for the developers says residents' discontent is simply a consequence of misinformation.

That's why, at last night's city council meeting when both sides were allowed to comment on the issue, he asked council members for more time to meet with the residents.

"What we asked the city of Lake park for last night was an extension in order to work with these people to get rid of some of the misinformation and to show them some possible designs. So that we can show them what the facility would look like, where we could locate it, how we could buffer it against the houses," explained attorney Bill Holland.

One main concern- residents worry the apartment complex would make it nearly impossible for them to get in and out of their neighborhood because of all the extra cars.

"We don't believe traffic's an issue," said Holland. "There's a lot more traffic when there's a church service than there ever would be for this apartment complex."

Crump says that the he and the other residents will continue to fight in hopes that they can, quote, close the barn door before the cow gets out.

"What if the barn door doesn't get closed before the cow gets out?," Crump was asked. "Well then," responded Crump, "what kind of a democracy are we living in, you and I, when the government doesn't listen to us?"

The city council will revisit the issue at their next meeting on May 6th. The developers have scheduled an informational meeting to speak with the residents on April 28th.

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