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Traffic stops turn out to be drug arrests

Sgt. Ben Bray, of the Crisp County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Ben Bray, of the Crisp County Sheriff's Office

There's been a spike in drug arrests on I-75 and other roads in Crisp County recently.      Deputies say eager party goers could be behind the increase. They stopped five cars last week, and another this week along the highway, all carrying narcotics. 

But many of those arrested may just be passing through.     

Deputies say there's a lot more traveling on the highway than you might expect.   "With the increase of traffic through and around Crisp County, it being the beginning of spring break, we have seen an increase in arrests and drug arrests,"  said Sgt. Ben Bray, of the Crisp County Sheriff's Office.  

19 year-old Tyler Farnan from New Boston Michigan was pulled over along I-75 for speeding on Monday. Deputies searched his car after he appeared nervous.    "There they found marijuana, mushrooms and a white powdery substance that we later identified as methamphetamine," said Bray.  

Farnan now faces felony charges. Bray says that case is the latest in a string of discoveries along major roadways throughout the county.   "We've had pills, marijuana; I believe there was a stolen gun that was found."   

He says most of the people arrested are from out of town. "Although these people are passing though, they are, you know, coming to our restaurants, our service stations and stuff like that."  

The drugs aren't only being found around Crisp County. Turner County Sheriff's deputies seized more than four grams of marijuana and three grams of cocaine along I-75 during a traffic stop two weeks ago.   "You know, we do make arrests.  And that's our main objective is to keep our citizens safe."   

Deputies say most of the drugs appear to be for personal use. They say officers are keeping a close eye on the roads.   

Bray says deputies are trained to look for suspicious behavior and signs. He says law enforcement agencies are stepping up patrols to catch offenders before the drugs lead to other crimes.


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