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Police want to catch 'flim flammers"

Lt. James Vick, of the Leesburg P. D. Lt. James Vick, of the Leesburg P. D.

Police need your help to identify a man and woman after they made off with hundreds of dollars from two Lee County stores.   It's the way the man stole the money that has even the investigators scratching their heads. It's called a Film Flam scam...  

The thief kept asking to change out large bills, eventually confusing the cashier, and his accomplice kept other workers distracted.   And it was all caught on camera.   "The transactions are going so fast that she loses count of what she gave him," Lt. James Vick, of the Leesburg P. D.    

Police say the two crooks came into Fred's on Saturday night and bought candy, worth about $2.00 but made off with $350.  

"He's giving her a $50 bill. He's asking now to get the 50 back. Now she's already given him the change. The change is here in his hand. So now he's asked to get the 50 back. So what he's going to do is, she's counted out the money, he's counting it out for her," said Vick.    

The man then asked for change for two $100 bills. "And she's going to get two $100 bills hand it to him, but really what he's done is he's already put that change in his pocket."    

And while the scam artist is busy confusing the cashier, his accomplice is distracting other workers.  

"One of the other managers was there, kind of was watching from the side, as soon as she noticed he was watching she got him distracted by moving him to another part of the store asking questions about another item."    

Police say they believe these two also hit this Winn Dixie in Lee County, stealing $200 there.

"We haven't had a case of it in a while. Normally they'll pick a small town or a small mom and pop store to do it in. So this could be just a group traveling through looking for a little extra money to get to wherever they're going," said Vick.      

Regardless authorities are hoping someone will recognize this man or woman so they can make sure it doesn't happen again. Leesburg Police are also warning other businesses to be on the lookout for this scam.  

If you know who these people in the video are please call Leesburg Police or the Lee County Sheriff's Office.


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