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MCLB disaster drill

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Being prepared when a disaster strikes can mean the difference between life and death.

Dozens of agencies participated in a tornado drill at the Marine Corps Logistics Base this afternoon to make sure they're ready.

Teams responded to simulated building collapses, severe injuries, and even deaths.  

Although it's just a simulation,  training exercises like this can be vital when a real emergency happens.

"They are doing a very good job at the triage unit and seeing what they have so we are not trying to falsify a whole lot but there is some magic play being done here," says Joe Farland, exercise controller.

The Marine Corps Logistics Base has a population of about five thousand people, so if there is an emergency, it's important to be able to coordinate with people on the outside.

"For an event to happen on our campus it would quickly exceed our own capabilities which is why we have to rehearse so much with those out in town and plus it gives an opportunity for the folks out in town to practice their skills in a controlled environment so in the end we all benefit from this," says Colonel Don Davis.

Colonel Don Davis says the key to saving as many lives as possible is communication.

"When you're talking about multiple different agencies, military service, communicating with local law enforcement, communicating with state wide law enforcement, and all the other things that go along with this communication is the key," says Davis.

Students at Turner Job Corps and Darton State college also participated in the exercises as role players.

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