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Weekend wind damage leaves a Monday mess

Parks Manager Thomas Bruce Parks Manager Thomas Bruce

Ever heard of a wake low?

It's a rare weatherphenomenon that trails a line of storms and it's what caused unexpected winddamage Friday night.

South Albany andDougherty County were especially hard hit by winds of 40 to 45-miles per hour,but there were no severe weather watches or warnings.

"There is asignificant weather advisory. There is a large difference and we did not havethunderstorms going on. So really there is no other way to warn folks besidesputting out these advisories," said Ryan Beesley.

The high windslasted for several hours Friday night knocking down trees and power lines.

Several areas throughout Dougherty County saw some form of wind damage Friday into Saturday morning. Public works crews are now quickly cleaning up the mess.

Wind left limbs and debris scattered in the area. After a few days of cleanup, a tree that was split in half may be the only significant damage left in the garden.

"The high winds came in Friday night. We had a small crew come in Friday night and majority of them came in this morning at 7," said Parks Manager Thomas Bruce.

He says Robert Cross park on Martin Luther King was one of the hardest hit areas over the weekend. Huge trees were either knocked down or split in half throughout the park.

"The amount of rain that we got this past week, coupled with the winds that we got definitely contributed to it," said Bruce.

WALB Meteorologist Ryan Beesley said peak gusts blew at 45 miles per hour Friday night. It was strong enough to uproot some trees.

People in neighborhood homes were also out cleaning up leftover debris. Most of the damage was caused by non-thunderstorm related wind damage.

"Wind can uproot trees. Wind can knocked down power lines. Wind can cause damage that it did," reminded Beesley.

In all, 12 trees in Robert Cross park were down due to rain and wind.

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