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Campus police train for incidents like Columbus State

Albany State Police Department Major Cadedria Hill Albany State Police Department Major Cadedria Hill

Police continue to investigate why a gunman came onto the campus of Columbus State University.   Officers shot him dead Sunday.     

Campus Police and students in our area were shocked to hear about the deadly shooting.   Albany State University Police go through lots of training so they're ready for anything, including how to respond if a gunman is on campus.     

Albany State Police Department Major Cadedria Hill says the shooting on the campus of Columbus State University reminded her just how important training is.  

"It is a situation that happened close to home. Every situation is case by case. The only thing we can do like I said, is train. Train and train and train. We have numerous trainings that we do here on campus," said Hill.    

That training helps officers make split second decisions to keep students, faculty and staff safe.

"That's the whole point of us doing active shooter, vehicle stops, building searches, so we just try to stay on top of every situation, but every situation is different, so the only thing we can give them is a guideline, a base, a foundation," said Hill.    

Tiwa Adedoyin, a senior at Albany State University says the incident at a Columbus State dorm is concerning, but she's not worried about her safety. "I feel absolutely safe on Albany State University campus. As a forensic science student, I volunteer at the Albany State University Police Department and I interned last semester. And working with our police officers, our chiefs, and we have a really good system here at the police department."    

While ASU Police have not had a real shooter on campus, Major Hill is confident they're prepared. "No place, any college or university campus is exempt. We have to plan for the what ifs."     

And the gunman who was shot dead at CSU is a reminder that what-ifs can turn into a real crisis any time.   

Albany State Police have held active shooter workshops this year for faculty and students.   They also hold similar events at Albany Technical College.


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