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Tires illegally dumped on railroad property

Judy Bowles of KADB Judy Bowles of KADB

Hundreds of tires have been illegally dumped in a wooded area near West town road in Albany, near the Norfolk-Southern railroad tracks.   

Code enforcement officers are working to figure out who dumped hundreds of old tires in a wooded area near the Old Bobs Candies plant in Southwest Albany.  Work crews are hauling off hundreds of tires after someone illegally dumped them in this wooded area, owned by Norfolk-Southern. It's not the first time someone has dumped their unwanted trash here. 

Judy Bowles of Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful says that authorities don't know yet dumped them. The railroad company put up a cable to keep cars out, but people still manage to drive back here.  

"It's an economic development issue. We want new businesses in here and we need to look good. It matters to every one of us and how our community looks. It's a statement about everyone of us," she said.      

Not only is it costly for the company to remove these tires, but it's also a health hazard as those spring temperatures heat up.  

"We're going to have mosquitoes, were gonna have snakes and rats living in here if they are not removed so it's not only unsightly, it's a health hazard." 

Code enforcement officers are still trying to figure out who dumped the tires.

Bowles says county residents can easily take their trash to the landfill free. "Anyone with a Dougherty County tag can go to the Dougherty County Landfill and can dispose of 250 pounds of debris a day at no charge." 

People caught illegally dumping can be fined as much as $1,200, given community service, or even serve jail time.If you see an illegal dump in Dougherty County, you're encouraged to report it by calling 311.    

There are about 200 tires on the site. It costs over $3.00 per tire to dispose of them properly at the county landfill.


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