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Burglary victim joins crime crackdown

Jon Howard and Carolyn Threatte Jon Howard and Carolyn Threatte
Donna Huey Donna Huey

Thieves broke into an Albany home while a woman was house sitting for a friend.  Now she's teaming up with city Commissioner Jon Howard to crack down on crime in the area.     

Carolyn Threatte says people living in East Albany have spent their lives helping others. She wants to keep that going by encouraging citizens to band together to keep criminals out of their neighborhoods.

A Good deed for Carolyn Threatte turned into a nightmare while she was house sitting for her friend Donna Huey in the 2200 block of Stratford Drive Thursday morning. Huey was away to take care of an elderly man.  

"The dogs were barking and I just thought they just hear the other dogs. That's all it is," she said.   But it was more that. Threatte was sleeping in this bedroom with her friend's three dogs when she soon heard voices.   "I heard a man's voice inside the house."  

Thieves pried open this front window. They stole Threatte's purse and her laptop she uses for school from this couch.   "I'm upset more than anything, I'm not scared."  

Homeowner Donna Huey says this is the second time in three years her home has been broken into. Huey says nothing else was taken except her privacy and peace of mind.  

"My friend, I could've walked in and found her dead in my house. That's what upsets me the most."   "We want to make sure that this stays a neighborhood that cares about people," said Threatte.  

Now, both Threatte and Huey are working with City Commissioner Jon Howard, who lives in the same neighborhood, to create a neighborhood watch program. He says the first step is to exchange telephone and email information.    

"Then if we work different shifts when he or she is not going to be home we just walk through the neighborhood be aware and just observe unusual activity that is taking place in this community," said Ward I City Commissioner Jon Howard.    

Threatte says she won't give up until she finds out who stole her possessions. APD is investigating the case.     

Howard says anyone can be a part of this neighborhood watch program. He says the more involvement the greater the chance you have at driving criminals out of the area.

For more information, call Jon Howard at 229-436-1102.


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