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Liberty House supports gun ban for domestic violence


The U.S. Supreme Court upholds a federal law banning domesticviolence offenders from being able to carry a gun.

Leaders at The Liberty House Domestic Violence shelter supportthat ruling and say it was a long time coming.

Even minor domestic violence offenders can be prevented frompossessing guns.

"This is a significant ruling that is going to savelives," said Silke Deely, Executive Director of Liberty House.

Wednesday, the Supreme Court upheld a law keeping guns out of thehands of convicted batterers. The Liberty House of Albany provides shelter andservices for victims of domestic violence.

"If we can get guns out of the hands of those who will usethem inappropriately to hurt other human beings, it's a win situation,"said Deely.

The court also ruled this law can be enforced in states where noproof of physical force is required to support a misdemeanor domestic violencecharge.

"That included pushing, shoving. Not just somebody gettingpunched in the face or broken arms," said Deely.

Deely says when guns are involved in a domestic violence case; itdrastically increases the chances that the victim will be killed.  She hopes this ruling will help decreasethose numbers.

"I think time will tell how well this is going to work, it'sbetter than nothing," said Deely.

I spoke with onegun seller in Albany who says when a domestic violence conviction comes up in abackground check; they absolutely will not sell to that person.

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