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Students witness impact of drinking and driving


Spring break season, proms and graduations.  Those can be dangerous times for teens.  

Grady County students got a realistic view of the dangers of drinking and driving.    

"DOA, dead on arrival, we've got to transport the body," said the Grady County Coroner.

Words that no mom wants to hear; sounds that officials say are hard to forget.  

"You never get use to seeing a kid that just graduated high school and you can't bring him back," said Jefferson Riggins of the Grady County Sheriff's Office.  

Cairo High students watched as first responders handled a mock crash.

Katelyn Strickland played the role of the drunk teen who caused the deadly wreck.   "When you put yourself in that position, and think about what you would do if you had killed your friends that night it's harder hitting than people think," said Strickland.    

Organizers say choosing to have even one beer before hitting the road doesn't just affect the driver it affects everyone involved.   "The impact is huge in the community, the entire school body, the parent, brothers, sisters, and friends. It's not just one person's accident," said Linda Chambers, a nurse with emergency room experience, who acted as a parent in the skit.  

The event honored Keldrick Bell, a CHS student killed last year in a non-alcohol related crash.   "Don't take any chances, because you never know what will happen after that. you never know when your time is," said a group of friends that knew Bell well.

Students signed pledge forms, promising to stay away from alcohol and drugs and texting while driving.   "The screams you heard today are nothing compared to the scream of a real mom really looking at her child under a blanket, it's one that you never forget," Riggins said.  

And one emergency officials hope that Thursday's scene will help prevent.


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