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How to protect your children from abuse

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Children are often abused by people they know and trust Children are often abused by people they know and trust

This week another child in Georgia died as a result of physical abuse, it's happened here before.  But there is help out there for at risk women and children.

It's said that about 80% of fatalities related to child abuse actually happen in the place you feel the safest, home.  

Lily Pad director Mary Martinez feels parents can't be afraid to sit down and talk with their kids about abuse. She says key to prevention is education. If you notice your child all of sudden acts differently such as being rebellious or even acting too perfect those could be red flags and you don't want to overlook them.

Martinez feels one of the biggest problems is that abusers often try to gain the trust of the child making it a lot harder for them to tell.

 "When you're dealing with someone who has power and control issues and a lot of times, a complete lack of remorse, they are going to go after the most vulnerable person they can get their hands on," Dr. Cheryl Kaiser said.

 "It's okay to tell even if it's someone in our family," Martinez said. "It's okay to tell if it's someone Mom is dating or Dad is dating, that it's okay to tell if its Mom or Dad, too."

It is easier to communicate if your child is of age where they can talk to you. But if you have an infant you have to be extra cautious, don't leave your baby with someone who shows those extreme signs of aggression

If you want more information on how to protect your kids Lily Pad does offer free services and educational sessions.


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