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State watching drug testing for food stamps bill

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A new bill that could be signed by Governor Nathan Deal for drug testing food stamp recipients could put the state under fire.

The bill doesn't require all people applying for food stamps to pass drug tests. It requires testing when there is "reasonable suspicion" someone has taken illegal drugs. Representative Winfred Dukes says that doesn't make sense because people apply for benefits online these days. He says the people who voted for the bill were just looking to score political points with some of the supporters.

"It is a piece of legislation that is of no effect and even if it was, you are going to deny pretty much, people's children who become victimized by their parents actions," Dukes said. "I couldn't really support that and I don't think that's the way that majority of Georgians would have us to go."

Almost 2 million Georgians receive food stamps.


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