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Walmart parking lot robbers caught on camera

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Moultrie Police Investigators say four men robbed three people inthe Moultrie Walmart parking lot Saturday night. They were driving a Red ChevyTahoe.

Moultrie policesay the victims had only a short encounter with those robbers before theyquickly drove away from the scene.

Surveillance video shows the men getting ready to commit arobbery. You don't see the three victims standing in the parking lot a few feetaway.

"Ran up to them and told them to 'Give me what you got, Giveme what you got', several times is what they were told," said Inv. WilliamBaillargeon.

With their faces covered, the next move was to attack.

"One of the assailants hit one of the victims in the head witha firearm he has in his hand," said Baillargeon.

Moultrie police investigators say the robbers circled the parkinglot several times before picking out their victims.

"So I guess they are thinking about what they are going todo. They are planning it out. They back out and they head over there to committhe robbery," said Baillargeon.

The robbers took a wallet and two sets of keys from the victims.Police say the whole robbery lasted only a minute.

"You see no foot traffic coming from the store and you don'tsee anyone from the vehicle getting out and going into the store," saidBaillargeon.

Police found part of a BB gun after the robbery. They believe it'sfrom one of the robbers in this incident.

There is nosecurity patrol in the Walmart parking lot. Moultrie police don't have anysuspects.


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