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"Rodeo Lake Park" is a welcome sign for Lake Park businesses

Jeffrey Revels Jeffrey Revels

In just a matter of days, the rodeo grounds at Raisin' Cane in Lowndes County will be filled with crowds of rodeo fans.

The rodeo is being put on by the Lake Park Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jeffrey Revels works at Farmhouse Antiques, just off I-75 in Lake park, and says he's glad to see the chamber doing everything it can to help bring business to the city.

"The rodeo event, that's gonna draw more eyes for us to be seen," said Revels.

Revels says businesses in the shopping center where his store is located aren't booming like they were several years ago, making big events like the rodeo vital for the area's economy.

"Oh, yes, sir. Especially the Toys for Tots events where they line up 2,000 motorcycles," Revels pointed out. "That's a considerable amount of cyclists. During that day, we're in the lime light."

But while big events are certainly welcome and no doubt help bring business to the city, he says bringing business back is something all the businesses have to work together on.

"Absolutely. We all need to work as a team and keep it goin' that forward direction," Revels said. 

And This weekend's rodeo is an important step in that forward direction.

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