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Man allegedly slashes girlfriend in face with box cutter while in cave


A woman told police her boyfriend assaulted her by slashing her face with a box cutter while they were hanging out in a storage unit in a cave.

According to police, the incident was reported Tuesday, minutes after 10 p.m. Their report said they were called to 23rd Street where they spotted a woman walking toward Interstate 435.

The 45-year-old woman told them she had been drinking with her boyfriend of four years in a storage unit inside a cave, an underground warehouse, located just south of where she was found walking. He went to get some cocaine and when he returned, he threw a blanket on her and began kicking her until she passed out because she refused his sexual advances.

At some point during the attack, the woman said her boyfriend cut her in the face with a box cutter knife.

The victim managed to make it out of the storage unit and began walking until police found her.

Police reported seeing blood on the woman's face as well as scratches and bruises and marks around her neck.

In their report, police said they saw a pool of blood on the ground of the cave and they took an orange box cutter with a red substance on it as evidence.

Officials said the man owns a moving company and is a longtime tenant who rents warehouse space from them, but he should not have been living in it.

"There is a guard here, they got to check in and tell them who they are and what they're doing here. Most of the time he knows them and he just waves them on. And then others have badges or identification they're supposed to show. In this gentleman's case, he's been here quite a while - probably three years now or so - and they knew him and he works odd hours, so they let him on through," said Dennis Speer with Interstate Warehouse, the location of the alleged assault.

The woman was taken to the hospital to have her injuries looked at. There's no word on her condition.

Police have the suspect's name and are still looking for him.

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