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Law men on the lookout for drug haulers

Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester

Two men remain in the Turner County jail after deputies found cocaine and marijuana in their car during a traffic stop last week. Deputies say they've seen a recent spike in drug trafficking through Southwest Georgia. 

Sheriff Andy Hester says people are becoming more casual about transporting drugs, and worries what it could mean for the community.  Deputies say more narcotics are spilling onto major roadways.   

"A lot of times, the interstate, I-75 and I-95 and corridors like that are known for people transporting drugs out there," said Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester.  

That's just what deputies found in this silver Chrysler Pacifica last Thursday when they stopped the driver for driving too slow in the middle lane with overly darkened windows on I-75.  

"We're spread out pretty thin and people know that.  I think they'll take the chance, they'll take a chance on transporting it," said Hester.      

Deputies say 32-year-old Benny Lamar Junior and 43-year-old Marvin Barefield were traveling with this four and a half ounces of marijuana and over three ounces of pure cocaine. "It hadn't been cut with other chemicals to make more of it and it also was still in a hard state and usually it's... you know, we find it as crack," said Hester.  

Investigators don't know where the men were heading, but charged both with trafficking cocaine and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  

"People are starting to feel comfortable carrying it, whether it's legal in the state or not."   

The sheriff says about one out of 20 of every of these cars is likely to be transporting some form of narcotic.  And he worries what that could mean to public safety.  

"Being on the interstate like that, certainly we want to stop them before going into any community by stopping them when they come into our community."   

He says more officers are now patrolling these roads to stop the drugs.     

Sheriff Hester says deputies are finding more marijuana as other states push for legalization of the drug. He says law enforcement continues to work together to take narcotics off the streets.


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