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Safeguard your lawn equipment

DCP Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick. DCP Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick.

It's spring, and as you do more yard work, police warn you that crooks will be looking to clean up with your lawn equipment.     

The number of thefts of lawn equipment normally skyrocket this time of year.  Prices are high, so crooks look to steal mowers, blowers, and trimmers.     

Dougherty County Police urge you to safeguard your equipment and record the serial numbers.      

"Keep them locked up. Document the serial numbers.  Take photographs if you can.  Just be aware of the surroundings.  If you are out mowing grass and notice anything suspicious, call the  police," said DCP Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick.      

Police also recommend you mark your lawn equipment with personal information, so you can identify it if it's stolen.      

And don't leave your equipment unattended where a thief might easily take it.


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