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Search to resume for downed plane on GA coast

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) - Divers are searching a marshy area near the Georgia coastline for a small plane that went missing near St. Simons Island.

Federal authorities have said a twin-engine Piper PA-44 disappeared from radar Monday evening in an area known as Wally's Leg. Investigators have said the plane departed from Concord, N.C. and was headed for Jacksonville, Fla.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Shawn Etcher said Tuesday that authorities using sonar devices found objects in an area of water that's roughly 12 to 15-feet deep. Etcher says investigators have recovered small pieces of debris, but haven't found the plane or its passengers yet. Etcher says the debris appears to be concentrated in a relatively small area.

The cause of the crash is unclear, and the passengers on board have not been identified.

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